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Active Listening Skills Quiz

Hearing and listening are two different things. Paying attention to what someone is saying, or active listening, is key to good communication. Active listening takes time. When children are upset, take the time to get to the reason. Ask questions. You’ll get more information and your child will know that you are listening and value what he or she is saying.

How are your active listening skills? Read the conversations below between parent and child to find out! Check the parent answers you think sound like active listening.

1. Child: I don’t like Juan anymore.
Parent: You and Juan have always been best friends. What happened?
Child: He took my truck and didn’t give it back!
Parent: I can tell you’re pretty angry with Juan. What did you do to try to get your truck back? What else might you try?

2. Child: Daddy made me mad. I don’t like him anymore.
Parent: Why? What did he say to make you so angry?
Child: He made me stay in my room until I had put away all my toys.
Parent: Well, you’ll just have to get over that because he’s your daddy and what he says goes!

3. Child: I am hungry. Please fix me a snack.
Parent: You sound like you need something to eat. I bet if you tried you could make your own snack.
Child: No, I can’t. I don’t know how!
Parent: Let’s decide what you’d like to eat that you can make yourself, and I’ll help you.

4. Child: You don’t ever listen to me.
Parent: My job isn’t to listen to you. It’s your job to listen to me.
Child: But, this is important.
Parent: I don’t have time.

5. Child: Why do I have to clean up my room?
Parent: Your room is a mess. You have to clean up your mess.
Child: Kofi messed it up when he came over to play. He should clean it up.
Parent: I know how hard it is to clean up someone else’s mess. I’d be happy to help you get started. After the room is cleaned up, what can we do to celebrate your beautiful room?

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Updated on 3/29/2013