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Quiz: You Make the Call

Young children make food choices based on the food choices that the adults in their lives make: what to eat and how much. So, it is up to adults to make good choices to ensure that children are eating healthy. Read each scenario below, and then choose the best answer.

1.   My sister took my 4-year-old daughter, Jazmine, to the Funny Duck restaurant last night. Funny Duck is famous for huge portions of high-fat, fried food. But it also serves food lower in fat and salt—foods she already likes. Jazmine had such a good time there—she ate all of her cheeseburger and large french fries and then asked my sister for some of hers! I love to see her eat so well. I’m thinking of taking her again soon, but I am not sure she should eat the same thing. What should I do?

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Updated on 9/3/2013