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Show Me, Tell Me, How Do You Feel?

It is important for parents and caregivers to help children express their feelings in a positive manner. Helping children manage their feelings is part of helping them learn self-discipline.

Below, you will find an activity that will help you engage with your children to discuss their feelings. You can also use the Building Blocks for a Healthy Future Activity Book, specifically pages 9 and 21, as an additional piece for this activity.

Remember to let your children express themselves openly and provide them with positive feedback after you complete the activity.

Activity: Song and Dance

Play the Building Blocks for a Healthy Future song, “I Feel Many Different Ways”. Sing along with the lyrics provided. (Note: You can play this directly from the computer or download it for a MP3 or CD-ROM.) Then, read aloud the questions below and help your children fill out the answers with expressions of how they feel and what they like to do when they feel that way.


1.   When I feel happy, I like to _______________________________________



2.  When I feel sad, I want to _________________________________________  



3.  When I feel mad, I want to _______________________________________    



4.  When I feel silly, I like to _________________________________________



5.  When I feel __________, I like to __________________________________


You can also use other Building Blocks for a Healthy Future activities to provide further opportunities for your children to express their feelings. The following list provides additional activities that you can engage in with your children.

Make Physical Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine” allows children to be creative through different types of physical activity.

Play Games Together” provides children and parents with an opportunity to engage in an activity together. Children learn to follow rules, practice taking turns, and use problem-solving skills.

Pantomime Game” allows children to engage in self-expression through nonverbal means while also promoting physical activity.

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Updated on 4/5/2013