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Public Playground Safety Checklist

  • Playground Surfaces
    Are there at least 12 inches of safe surface (wood chips, mulch, sand or mats) around playground equipment?
    Do safe surfaces reach at least 6 feet in all directions?

  • Structure Spacing
    Are play structures that are more than 30 inches high at least 9 feet apart?
    Are the openings in guardrails or between ladder rungs no less than 3.5 or more than 9 inches apart?

  • Dangerous Hardware
    Are there open ā€œSā€ hooks, bolt ends that stick out, or sharp points or edges on equipment?

  • Tripping Hazards
    Are there exposed concrete footings, tree stumps, and rocks that could cause tripping?

  • Falling Hazards
    Do platforms, steps, and ramps have guardrails to prevent falls?

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Updated on 4/5/2013