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Family Caring Project

Help children find ways to give to others throughout the year. As a family, participate in a project that shows how you care for and share with those who are less fortunate. Here are some ideas to choose from:

  • Have the family drop their pennies or small change in a large jar every day. Then, deliver the savings to a community group.
  • Have the family gather gently used clothing, toys, or books to share at a homeless shelter or home for abused families.
  • During the holiday season, have the family pick out small gifts to wrap and donate to a local charity.
  • Check your local food bank to see what types of items they need. Then, help the children go through the pantry or shop at the grocery to find food to share.
  • Buy art supplies, then set aside a time for the family to write cards or create seasonal decorations for a local children's hospital.
  • Volunteer family time at a senior citizens' home—bring in a pet to share, play cards, or put on a family performance in the common room or dining hall.
  • "Adopt" a grandparent at a convalescent home to visit or a neighbor for whom you can do needed chores.
  • Make greeting cards for a veteran's hospital or other facility.

Helping your children understand the value of sharing with others while they’re young can build a lifetime habit of caring and giving.

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Updated on 4/5/2013