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Meet Wally Bear

Hi, my name is Wally! I’m 6 years old, and I live in a house on Friendship Circle with my mom and dad and big sister Wendy.

I love baseball—I collect baseball cards and I have a baseball shirt that I wear all the time. Most of all, I love to play baseball with my friends at Friendship Park! But sometimes they want to play other things, like soccer or roller skating, and that’s fun, too. Do you have a favorite sport?

I really like baseball, but I also hit a home run every time I’m in the kitchen. My parents and I cook together all the time. My favorite thing to make is oatmeal with honey. What do you like to cook?

My friends are the greatest. We always try to get along, and we don’t like to hurt each others’ feelings. If I see my friends fighting, I always try to help them work it out.

Wally playing baseball

Every day, I write and draw pictures in my journal about what I do. Do you keep a journal? What kinds of things do you write and draw pictures about? Send me an e-mail and let me know!

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Updated on 3/29/2013